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Figure 2

From: Platelet extracts induce growth, migration and invasion in human hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro

Figure 2

Effects of platelets on PLC/PRF/5 cells. (A) AFP levels in the cell culture medium of PLC/PRF/5 cell lines after treatment with different platelets concentrations or FBS. (B) Migration assay. PLC/PRF/5 cells were treated with different platelet concentrations or FBS and microscopically analyzed at the time of the scratch and after 72 h. Values were expressed as percentage of migration, 100% representing the completely closed wound. (C) Apoptosis assays. On the left are shown examples of results obtained using the Muse Annexin V kit (upper panel) or Caspase-3/7 kit (lower panel) to evaluate the percentage of apoptotic PLC/PRF/5 cells cultured whit PLTs or FBS. On the right the mean of three independent experiments is plotted in the relative graph. The results are expressed as mean ± SD. *P < 0.05; ***P < 0.0001.

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