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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Steps toward improving diet and exercise for cancer survivors (STRIDE): a quasi-randomised controlled trial protocol

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
• Age over 18 years, no age limit higher • Patient with metastasis,
• Have had cancer treated with curative intent (excluding skin cancer) • Pregnant or intending to become pregnant during study period,
• Not undergoing active treatment (including chemotherapy and radiotherapy but will be included if taking long-term follow-up medications or therapies such as hormone therapy) • Physical or psychological condition (i.e. cognitive decline) that may impede their participant in the study
• Permanent resident of South Australia,
• Insufficiently active (engaging in less than 20 sessions of physical activity, one session lasting 30 minutes) over the past month determined by The Active Australia Survey [22]  
• Regular access to the internet (whether it be personal access or through a library or community centre)
• Sufficient English language skills and cognitive ability to complete questionnaires,
• Satisfy stage one of the pre-exercise screening guidelines for commencing exercise determined by the Sports Medicine Australia Pre-Exercise Screening System [23]
• Approval by treating doctor to be part of the study,
• Provide written informed consent