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Figure 1

From: Sequential neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (CRT) followed by curative surgery vs. primary surgery alone for resectable, non-metastasized pancreatic adenocarcinoma: NEOPA- a randomized multicenter phase III study (NCT01900327, DRKS00003893, ISRCTN82191749)

Figure 1

Trial flow. Patients are allocated either to intervention or control group after randomization. Patients in the intervention group undergo sequential neoadjuvant CRT (yellow bars) followed by curative surgery. Patients in the control group are subjected to upfront surgery. After completion of the study, subset analysis is performed stratifying patients with resectable vs. borderline resectable lesions. Both groups will receive adjuvant chemotherapy. No postoperative, adjuvant EBRT in patients undergoing upfront surgery (group 2) is performed.

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