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Table 2 Univariate analysis of clinical parameters observed in connection with the baseline FDG-PET that were associatied with overall survival

From: Volumetric FDG-PET predicts overall and progression- free survival after 14 days of targeted therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

  HR (95% CI)
The hottest lesion: high SUVmaxa 3.56(1.63-7.76)*
The hottest lesion: high SULpeaka 2.67(1.22-5.84)*
The hottest lesion: high TLG50a 2.45(1.14-5.27)*
The hottest lesion: high TLG2.5a 1.74(0.83-3.63)
Rating of Heng factor: 1 versus 2 and 3 0.33(0.11-0.96)*
ECOG performance status: 0 versus 1 and 2 1.94(0.91-4.14)
Pretreatment: yes versus none 1.57(0.75-3.27)
  1. aComparing above and below median value.
  2. * = Statiscially significant.