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Table 1 The baseline characteristics of the 39 participants

From: Volumetric FDG-PET predicts overall and progression- free survival after 14 days of targeted therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Mean age (years) 65
Histology (clear cell/papillary) 38/1
Prognostic risk  
MSKCC (low/intermediate/high) 8/24/4
Heng (low/intermediate/high) 7/21/8
ECOG performance status (0-1/>1) 33/6
Treatment with  
sorafenib/sunitinib/pazopanib 19/18/2
Nephrectomy (y/n) 37/2
Prior treatment  
None 20
Interferon-alpha 7
sunitinib 11
Chemotherapy 1