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Table 2 Data assessment schedule in the PROLUCA trial

From: Perioperative rehabilitation in operation for lung cancer (PROLUCA) – rationale and design

  Baselinea Flw-upb Flw-upc Flw-upd Flw-upe Flw-upf
Anthropometric data and cancer disease X X   X X X
  Physiological measurements     
Cardiorespiratory capacity (VO2peak) X X   X X X
Six- minute walk distance (6MWD) X X X X X X
One-repetition-maximum (1RM) X X   X X X
Heart rate (HR), Blood pressure (BP) X X   X X X
Spirometric (FEV1/FEV1%) X X   X X X
  Patient-reported outcome     
Health-related quality of life (EORTC QLQ-C30, FACT-L) X X FACT-L X X X
Symptoms and side effects (EORTC–LC13) X X   X X X
Anxiety and depression (HADS) X X   X X X
Well-being (SF-36) X X   X X X
Distress thermometer X X   X X X
Lifestyle X X   X X X
Sickness absence and work status X X   X X X
Social support (MSPSS) X X   X X X
  Other measurements     
Perioperative complications X (30 days) X (30 days)     
Duration of hospitalization X (30 days) X (30 days)     
Survival Histological diagnosis and TNM staging       X
  1. aBaseline (0 week).
  2. bFlw-up (Follow-up): Preoperation (the day before surgery).
  3. cFlw-up (Follow-up): Pre-intervention (2/6 weeks after surgery).
  4. dFlw-up (Follow-up): Post-intervention (14/18 weeks after surgery).
  5. eFlw-up (Follow-up): Six months after surgery.
  6. fFlw-up (Follow-up): One year after surgery.