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Figure 1

From: Tumors induce coordinate growth of artery, vein, and lymphatic vessel triads

Figure 1

Growth of peritumoral lymphatic and blood vessels in a melanoma model. a). Schematic of B16-F10 melanoma flank tumor, associated SE, IF, and ODD vessels, and regional LNs. The boxes around vessels illustrate regions dissected for microscopic analysis. b). Necropsy of melanoma-bearing mouse identifies greatly enlarged red-colored peritumoral vessels. The tumor-draining AX LNs are outlined by dotted white circles, while dotted black circles outline the ING LNs. The arrows point to the SE vessels, while the black arrowheads identify the IF vessels. The dotted black boxes show the flank regions analyzed at higher magnification in (c) and (d). c) Arrow points to Evans Blue-filled SE lymphatic vessel adjacent to red-colored SE blood vessel on normal flank. d). Arrow points to enlarged Evans Blue-filled SE lymphatic vessel draining tumor and ING LN, next to enlarged red-colored blood vessels. The white arrowhead identifies an ODD vessel not seen in the normal flank skin. Scale bar 1 mm.

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