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Figure 3

From: Novel treatment option for MUC16-positive malignancies with the targeted TRAIL-based fusion protein Meso-TR3

Figure 3

Meso-TR3 is a targeted therapeutic on MUC16-expressing tumor cells. A, The cell killing profiles of TR3, Meso-TR3 and rTRAIL [0.2 ng/μL] were established on the MUC16-deficient T cell leukemia cell line Jurkat. NS, not significant (one-way ANOVA). B, The same killing assay as in (A) using identical drug concentrations but the MUC16-positive ovarian cancer cell line OVCAR3 instead. *, P < 0.0075; NS, not significant (one-way ANOVA). C, NOD/SCID mice were injected i.p. with 2 × 106 luciferase labeled OVCAR3 cells. The following day the baseline signal intensity was determined by live animal imaging. Three groups of mice (n = 7) were treated i.p. for 7 days with 300 μL medium alone (ctrl.), TR3 and Meso-TR3. Treatment efficiency is plotted as fold change (mean ± SEM) of signal intensity relative to the baseline signal obtained prior to treatment (negative data reflect a reduction in tumor burden). *, P < 0.016; NS, not significant (one-way ANOVA).

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