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Table 1 The characteristic between study group and case–control group

From: Prognostic value of secreted phosphoprotein-1 in pleural effusion associated with non-small cell lung cancer

Characteristic Study group Control group
Number 85 24
 Male 43 14
 Female 42 10
Mean Age (range) 64 (36–86) 61 (23–86)
Disease Non-small cell lung cancer Benign lung disease
  Adenocarcinoma 67 Pulmonary tuberculosis 18
  Squamous cell carcinoma 13 Lung infection 2
  Adenosquamous carcinoma 1 Pulmonary aspergillosis 2
  Unkown-subtype* 4 AECOPD^ 2
  1. *Unknown-subtype: malignant cells were found in the exfoliative cytology of pleural fluid, and the pathological features resembled non-small cell lung cancer but could not be definitively identified its subtype. ^AECOPD: acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.