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Table 1 Relative expression of candidate genes in EPH-4 shGR-19 RNA compared to EV-50 RNA in expression microarray vs. qRT-PCR experiments

From: Expression microarray identifies the unliganded glucocorticoid receptor as a regulator of gene expression in mammary epithelial cells

  Relative expression: shGR-19 vs. EV-50  
Gene Expression microarray qRT-PCR validation
Hsd11b1 0.11 0.07
Ch25h 0.10 0.08
Ces1 0.10 0.21
Oas2 0.02 0.004
Slc5a9 0.07 0.12
Brca1 0.77 0.55
Nr3c1 0.26 0.19
  1. The fold change output for each gene between shGR-19 and EV-50 from the microarray data was converted to relative expression by taking the base-2 logarithm of the absolute fold change and setting this value as the negative exponent of 2. The relative expression values for each gene between shGR-19 and EV-50 in the qRT-PCR were obtained directly during the experimental analysis (ΔΔC t method).