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Table 2 Summary of findings from space-time cluster analyses performed in SpaceStat and confirmatory “space-only” cluster analyses performed in SaTScan

From: Space-time clusters of breast cancer using residential histories: A Danish case–control study

Analysis   Identified cluster areas Figure no.
   Copenhagen Odense Høje Taastrup  
Q -statistics (SpaceStat) k a 1b 2c 1 & 2d 1 2 1 & 2 1 2 1 & 2  
Unadjusted, all cases            
Calendar year 25 x x x   x x     2.a
  100 x x x      x   2.b
Age 25 x          -
  100 x x x        -
Unadjusted, 66% of cases            
Calendar year 25 x   x        -
  100 x x x        4.a
Age 25           -
  100           -
Adjusted, 66% of cases            
Calendar year 25           -
  100    x        4.b
Age 25           -
  100           -
Scan statistics (SaTScan)            
Year 1987   xe xe x    x     3.a
Year 1997   x   x   x      3.b
  1. For each cluster area, the “x” indicates in which analyses the cluster was detected according to method, number of cases, adjustment, time scale, choice of a k-nearest neighbours and by control group b1, c2 and d1 & 2 combined. eOnly borderline significant. For selected analyses the cluster areas are depicted in the figures listed in the last column.