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Figure 8

From: Effect of hypoxia on the expression of αB-crystallin in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 8

Knockdown of αB-crystallin expression reduces hypoxia and hypoglycemia survival. Expression of αB-crystallin mRNA in UT-SCC-5 cells was reduced by three different αB-crystallin siRNAs (αB1, αB2 and αB3). LUC and EGFP were used as negative control siRNAs (A). Survival of siRNA-treated UT-SCC-5 cells under normoxic (N) and hypoxic (H, 0.1% O2 for 24 hours) conditions in the presence of 5 mM or 0 mM glucose (B). Cell survival was assessed via a colorimetric assay using cell counting kit-8. The optical density (O.D.) of siEGFP-treated cells was set at 100%. *** p < 0.001, ** 0.001 < p < 0.01, * 0.01 < p < 0.05.

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