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Table 2 Best Overall Response (Evaluable population, n = 64)

From: A phase II study of cisplatin with intravenous and oral vinorelbine as induction chemotherapy followed by concomitant chemoradiotherapy with oral vinorelbine and cisplatin for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

  Evaluable population n = 64
Complete response 5 (7.81%)
Partial response 27 (42.18%)
No change 25 (39.06%)
Progression disease 8 (12.5%)
Non evaluable* 6 (9.37%)
Objective response rate 32 (50.0%)
Disease control rate 57 (89.06%)
Median duration of the response** Not reached
  1. All scans of responding and/or border line stable patients were reviewed by an independent panel review.
  2. *5 NE: (2 patients were not eligible, 3 patients had adverse events avoiding evaluation, for 1 patient, RECIST measurements were never obtained since initial CT-scan was lost).
  3. **Median Duration of the response was not reached at the cut-off date (29/12/2009).