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Table 2 Densitometry analysis of the pancytokeratin expression on the bones of the representative images from Figure 2 Ei-iiix

From: Systemic neutralization of IL-17A significantly reduces breast cancer associated metastasis in arthritic mice by reducing CXCL12/SDF-1 expression in the metastatic niches

  IntDen StdDev %Area
PyV MT with no AA 928.63* 20.46 0.73
PyV MT + CII + IgG 2188.64 19.78 14.09
PyV MT + CII + anti-IL-17A 889.44* 20.36 0.68
  1. (i) PyV MT mice with no AA; (ii) PyV MT mice with AA treated with control IgG antibody or (iii) with anti-IL-17A antibody. (*P < 0.01: PyV MT and PyV MT + CII + anti-IL-17A against PyV MT + CII + IgG).