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Table 2 Survival outcomes in patients with CRPT during RT and only at the end of RT

From: Primary tumor regression speed after radiotherapy and its prognostic significance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a retrospective study

Variable CRPT during RT (N = 41) CRPT at the end of RT (N = 35) HR (95% CI*) P
5-yr OS rate 79.9% 88.6% 0.590 (0.177-1.962) 0.383
5-yr FFS rate 80.2% 97.1% 0.144 (0.018-1.151) 0.033
5-yr DMFS rate 87.1% 97.1% 0.233 (0.027-1.992) 0.146
5-yr LRFS rate 92.4% 100% 0.018 (0.000-206.004) 0.113
  1. HR, Hazard ratios calculated using the unadjusted Cox proportional hazards model; *CI, confidence interval; P-values were calculated by the unadjusted log-rank test. RT, Radiotherapy; OS, Overall survival; FFS, Failure-free survival; DMFS, Distant metastasis-free survival; LRFS, Local relapse-free survival; CRPT, Complete response of primary tumor.