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Table 4 Multivariable log-linear model and selective associations in leukaemia cases

From: RAS mutations in early age leukaemia modulated by NQO1 rs1800566 (C609T) are associated with second-hand smoking exposures

Measure of association terms DF χ2-valuea P-valueb
RAS*NQO1 c 1 1.11 0.29
RAS*MLL 1 0.15 0.70
RAS*SMOKER 1 4.61 0.03
NQO1*MLL 1 0.24 0.62
NQO1*SMOKER 1 4.84 0.03
MLL*SMOKER 1 0.12 0.73
  1. aχ2-value from the log-likelihood ratio test comparing the submodel without the interaction term with the full model. bP-value from the log-likelihood ratio test – Low values indicate that the interaction between the two variables are meaningful in the given population. c NQO1 genotype status included allele variants CT and TT. SMOKER: Presence of any smoker in the household; DF: Degrees of Freedom.