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Table 1 Cell lines

From: Intracellular coexpression of CXC- and CC– chemokine receptors and their ligands in human melanoma cell lines and dynamic variations after xenotransplantation

Tumor Cell line Origin Source
Melanoma IPC-298 Primary DSMZ
Mel-Juso Primary DSMZ
Mel-HO Primary DSMZ
IGR-39 Primary DSMZ
WM-115 Primary ECACC
A-375 Skin metastasis ATCC
MeWo Lymph node metastasis ATCC
SK-Mel28 Skin metastasis ATCC
Malme-3 M Lung metastasis ATCC
SK-Mel 2 Skin metastasis ATCC
WM-266.4 Skin metastasis(1) ECACC
IGR-37 Lymph node metastasis (2) DSMZ
Mel-RC08 Brain metastasis DPUV
Human T-cell Lymphoma Hut-78 Primary ECACC
  1. List of tested cell lines, tumor type, origin (primary or metastasis) and source. DSMZ – German Resource Centre for Biological Material, ECACC – European Collection of Cell Cultures, ATCC - American Type Culture Collection, DPUV – Department of Pathology, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain).
  2. (1)Established from the same patient as cell line WM-115.
  3. (2)Established from the same patient as cell line IGR-39.