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Table 1 Tumor inhibition rate of 131 I-hVEGF siRNA/SilenceMag 28 days post treatment

From: Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles mediated 131I-hVEGF siRNA inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma tumor growth in nude mice

Group Tumor weight (mg) Tumor inhibition rate (%)
  ( x ¯ ±s)  
131I-hVEGF siRNA/SilenceMag + EMF 460.10±29.50 49.80±3.25
(Z=1.96, P=0.05)*
131I-hVEGF siRNA/SilenceMag 978.20±19.90 -6.70±2.20
(Z=1.09, P=0.26)* (Z=1.96, P=0.05)#
hVEGF siRNA/SilenceMag + EMF 499.70±7.60 48.10±5.30
(Z=1.96, P=0.05)* (Z=0.66, P=0.51)#
Control 916.60±91.20
  1. Z-Value was placed within bracket. *Compared with control. #Compared with the first group (131I-hVEGF siRNA/SilenceMag + EMF).