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Table 2 Results of triple-combination array of a 68-year-old womans (study patient) surgical samples a expression array analysis of COLIAI

From: Identification of the collagen type 1 alpha 1 gene (COL1A1) as a candidate survival-related factor associated with hepatocellular carcinoma

a Expression array analysis of COL1A1
Probe set ID Gene symbol Log2 ratio Noncancerous liver signal Detection Tumor signal Detection Probe ID Chromosomal location
1556499_s_at COL1A1 -1.1 2171.4 P 912.1 P HU133p2_03053 chr17q21.33
202310_s_at COL1A1 -1.1 493.4 P 193.2 P HU133p2_11759 chr17q21.33
b Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) signals of COL1A1 gene locus
Probe set ID Chromosome Physical position Noncancerous liver Confidence Tumor Confidence
SNP_A-2189880 17 13542410 AB 0.265625 AB 0.046875
SNP_A-420153 17 13542446 AA 0.000488 AA 0.028320
SNP_A-2200119 17 13548602 BB 0.007813 BB 0.007813
c Methylation array analysis of COL1A1
Probe ID Gene symbol Sample Methylation value Status Confidence Chromosomal location
Total Methylated Unmethylated
cg01593886 COL1A1 Noncancerous liver 0.084 11893 1010 10883 3.678E-38 chr17q21.33
   Tumor 0.557 7512 4240 3272 3.678E-38