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Figure 2

From: Ratio of n-3/n-6 PUFAs and risk of breast cancer: a meta-analysis of 274135 adult females from 11 independent prospective studies

Figure 2

Forest plot of ratio of n-3/n-6 PUFAs in diet or serum PL for the highest vs. lowest. Prospective studies concerning dietary and serum PL ratio of n-3/n-6 PUFAs separately are referred to by first author, year of publication and number of subjects, weighted and ranked according to the inverse of the variance of the logRR estimate. The relative risks (RRs) are represented by the squares (the size is proportional to the weights used in the meta-analysis), and CIs are represented by the error bars. P values for heterogeneity test (I square and Q test) and RR for the highest exposure quantile vs. lowest from individual study were pooled by using random effect model. The diamonds can represent the pooled RR from subtotal risk estimate of dietary or serum PL ratio, according to their corresponding position in the figure.

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