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Figure 2

From: The cancer gene WWOX behaves as an inhibitor of SMAD3 transcriptional activity via direct binding

Figure 2

Effects of WWOX silencing on gene expression. (A) Venn diagram showing the overlap between transcripts up- or down-modulated in two independent WWOX-silenced MCF10 sublines (fold-change >2.0, q < 0.05). (B) Top predicted biofunctions deregulated in WWOX-silenced cells. Bar graph represents –log(p-value) for each biofunction. Biofunction prediction from IPA software. (C) ChIP enrichment analysis (ChEA) from the commonly deregulated gene list. Bars represent the four transcription factors with the highest combined scores calculated by the Enrichr resource, i.e. transcription factors more likely associated with the majority of gene expression changes observed (see also Additional file 2).

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