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Figure 6

From: Involvement of nitric oxide synthase in matrix metalloproteinase-9- and/or urokinase plasminogen activator receptor-mediated glioma cell migration

Figure 6

Fluorescence microscopy of the DAF-2DA-loaded 5310 cells subjected to various treatments. Representative images showing green fluorescence after transfection of 5310 glioma cells with full-length MMP-9 (M-fl) or uPAR (U-fl) plasmids, or MMP-9 + uPAR plasmid shRNA (MU-sh) followed by DAF-2DA treatment. Separate groups 5310 of cells transfected with M-fl or U-fl were treated for 4 hours with L-NAME, an inhibitor of iNOS at 1 mM concentration prior to DAF-2DA treatment. Bar graph represents the quantification of DAF-2 T positive 5310 glioma cells after various treatments (n = 3). Error bars represent ± SEM. *p < 0.05 vs. control. # p < 0.05 vs. M-fl. ## p < 0.05 vs. U-fl.

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