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Figure 2

From: Involvement of nitric oxide synthase in matrix metalloproteinase-9- and/or urokinase plasminogen activator receptor-mediated glioma cell migration

Figure 2

Matrigel invasion assay of glioma cells and immunohistochemical analysis of glioblastoma clinical samples. (a) Matrigel invasion assay of U251 and 5310 cells transfected with full-length MMP-9 (M-fl), and uPAR (U-fl) plasmids and treated with or without L-NAME. (b) Percent invasion was calculated from the mean of the average number of invaded cells obtained from three separate experiments. Columns represent mean (n = 3). Error bars represent ± SEM. *p < 0.05 vs. control. # p < 0.05 vs. M-fl. ## p < 0.05 vs. U-fl. (c) GBM tissue microarrays were processed for immunohistochemical analysis followed by DAB staining to determine the presence of iNOS.

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