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Table 1 Search strategy used to identify publications of interest regarding prevalence of hypoxia proteins in benign and malignant breast tissue

From: The potential of hypoxia markers as target for breast molecular imaging – a systematic review and meta-analysis of human marker expression

Target Synonyms used
CAIX CAIX OR CA-IX OR “CA IX” OR CA9 OR CA-9 OR “CA 9” OR “carbonic anhydrase IX” OR “carbonic anhydrase 9”
GLUT1 GLUT1 OR GLUT-1 OR “glucose transporter 1”
CXCR4 CXCR4 OR CXCR-4 OR CXC-R4 OR “CXC chemokine receptor-4”
IGF1R “insulin like growth factor 1 receptor” OR “insulin like growth factor I receptor” OR IGF1R OR IGF-1R OR IGFR OR IGF-IR OR IGF1-R
  1. Search terms were combined with ‘breast’ and ‘mamm*’. For MEDLINE, ‘[tiab]’ was added to each search term, and for EMBASE, ‘ti;ab;’ was added to each search term.