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Table 1 Small-cell lung cancer with EGFR mutations and treatment outcomes

From: Small-cell lung cancer with a rare epidermal growth factor receptor gene mutation showing “wax-and-wane” transformation

Prior TKI Mutation Chemotherapy PFS Hist after Tx Ref.
None L861Q CDDP + CPT-11 7 mo Adenocarcinoma *
E L861Q AMR 8 mo N/A *
None G719A G N/A (PR) N/A [9]
None Ex19del CRT 7 mo N/A [10]
None Ex19del CDDP + VP-16 6 mo N/A [10]
G Ex19del G 5 mo N/A [18]
G, E Ex19del G + VP-16 N/A (PD) N/A [12]
G Ex19del CDDP + CPT-11 6 mo Adenocarcinoma [11]
G, E L858R TOP >4 mo (CR) N/A [13]
E L858R CRT 6 mo Adenocarcinoma [8]
E L858R CDDP + VP-16 N/A (PR) N/A [8]
G L858R CDDP + VP-16 N/A (PR) N/A [14]
  1. Reports without sufficient information about treatment are not included on this table.
  2. *, present case; AMR, Amrubicin; CDDP, Cisplatin; CPT-11, Irinotecan; CR, Complete response; CRT, Combined chemoradiotherapy; E, Erlotinib; Ex19del, Exon 19 deletions; G, Gefitinib; Hist after Tx, Histology after treatment; mo, Months; N/A, Not assessed; PFS, Progression-free survival; PR, Partial response; Ref., Reference; TKI, Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor; TOP, Topotecan; VP-16, Etoposide.