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Table 3 SNPs selected for analysis

From: Common low-penetrance risk variants associated with breast cancer in Polish women

NCBI SNP Reference Cytogenetic Band Genea Reference
rs17468277 2q33.1 ALS2CR12 (synonymous) (CASP8)b [35]
rs13387042 2q35 intergenic [32, 33]
rs889312 5q11.2 MAP3K1 (upstream) [8, 33]
rs10941679 5p12 intergenic [8, 34]
rs2736098 5p15.33 TERT (synonymous) [31]
rs13281615 8q24.21 intergenic [8, 33]
rs3731249 9p21.3 CDKN2A (missense; A148T) [37], CO-Ic
rs1219648 10q26 FGFR2 (intron) [30]
rs2981582 10q26 FGFR2 (intron) [8, 33]
rs3817198 11p15.5 LSP1 (intron) [8]
rs766173 13q13.1 BRCA2 (missense; N289H) CO-I
rs1799944 13q13.1 BRCA2 (missense; N991D) [36], CO-I
rs28897710 13q13.1 BRCA2 (missense; T598A) CO-I
rs3803662 16q12.1 TOX3/LOC643714 (between) [8, 32, 33]
rs243865 16q13-q21 MMP2 (promoter) [29]
rs152451 16p12.2 PALB2 (missense; Q559R) CO-I
  1. a/NCBI ID of genes localized in proximity to the SNPs of interest (source: HapMap).
  2. b/SNP rs17468277 is in strong LD (r 2 = 1) with rs1045485 in CASP8 (D302H).
  3. c/SNP selected based on the date provided by Genetic Counseling of Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology (CO-I) in Warsaw.