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Table 1 Summary of missing data for incident female stages 1–3 invasive breast cancer reported to the California Cancer Registry 2000–2010 with complete data for age, SES, year of diagnosis, survival time, and race/ethnicity (N = 179,143)

From: Disparities in race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status: risk of mortality of breast cancer patients in the California Cancer Registry, 2000–2010

Missing n(%)  
    ER 16,247 (9.0%)  
    PR 21,306 (11.8%)  
    HER2* 45,021 (24.9%)  
    Tumor grade 10,594 (5.9%)  
    Unknown cause of death 2,386 (1.5%)  
Total cases with one or more of the above variables missing 57,695 (31.9%)  
Total cases with complete data 123,395 (68.1%)  
  1. *HER2 data not easily retrievable in the registry until 2006.
  2. Cases may be missing data for more than one variable.