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Table 2 Mean combination index values of NVP-AEW541 plus gemcitabine or afatinib in pancreatic cancer cell lines (three independent experiments)

From: Treatment with a combination of the ErbB (HER) family blocker afatinib and the IGF-IR inhibitor, NVP-AEW541 induces synergistic growth inhibition of human pancreatic cancer cells

Cell line Mean Combination index (range, effect)
  NVP-AEW541+GEM p-value NVP-AEW541+Afatinib p-value
BxPc-3 0.96 (0.92–1.08, Additive) p=0.54 0.34 (0.29–0.44, Synergism) p<0.05
AsPc-1 0.91 (0.86–0.95, Additive) p<0.05 0.75 (0.68–0.84, Moderate Synergism) p<0.05
FA-6 1.22 (1.07–1.33, Moderate antagonism) p<0.05 0.8 (0.68–0.94, Moderate Synergism) p=0.057
PANC-1 0.7 (0.56–0.84, Synergism) p<0.05 0.73 (0.61–0.86, Moderate Synergism) p<0.05
Capan-1 1.43 (1.31–1.52, Moderate antagonism) p<0.05 0.9 (0.81–1.05, Slight Synergism/Additive) p=0.34
MiaPaca-2 1.14 (1.02–1.27, Slight antagonism) p=0.11 0.84 (0.78–0.91, Moderate Synergism) p<0.05
PT45 1.09 (0.92–1.23, Additive) p=0.36 1.44 (Moderate antagonism) p<0.05
  1. Interpretation of the results was based on the proposed descriptions for presenting the degrees of antagonism or synergism by Calcusyn software. P values indicate level of statistical significance compared with a combination index value of 1.