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Figure 3

From: Nrf2 is required to maintain the self-renewal of glioma stem cells

Figure 3

Immunocytochemistry and western blot assay of Sox2, BMI-1, Nrf2, and CyclinE in GSCs with and without Nrf2 knockdown. Photomicrographs are arranged from top to bottom as: nuclear staining with DAPI, Nestin and stain for (A) Sox2, (B) BMI-1, (C) Nrf2, and (D) CyclinE. They were merged in the bottom of the pictures. The scale bar is representative for all photomicrographs. (E) Western blot analyses of nuclear proteins isolated from GSCs. Protein expression levels, presented in parentheses beneath corresponding bands, were normalized against a corresponding H3 loading control (data not shown).

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