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Figure 1

From: Nrf2 is required to maintain the self-renewal of glioma stem cells

Figure 1

Knockdown of Nrf2 in GSCs causes changes in cell morphology, elevation of gene markers of proliferation and reduction in the protein levels of Nrf2. (A) Photomicrographs of representative GSC colonies infected with lentiviral constructs for Scrambled shRNA and control group, neural spheres of Nrf2-downregulated group were smaller than other two groups. (B) qRT-PCR of RNA transcripts isolated from GSCs after transduction. BMI-1, Sox2, Cyclin E, NQO-1and HO-1 decreased with the knocking down of Nrf2. GFAP increased and Nestin not changed obviously. (C) Western blot assay of the Nrf2. *: P < 0.05; **: P < 0.01; ***: P < 0.005.

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