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Figure 4

From: Curcumin analogue T83 exhibits potent antitumor activity and induces radiosensitivity through inactivation of Jab1 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Figure 4

Jab1 knockdown enhanced the effects of T83 on cell viability inhibition and apoptosis induction. CNE2 cells (left) and CNE2R cells (right) were transfected with control siRNA (Cont-si) or Jab1 siRNA (Jab1-si) and then exposed to the indicated doses of T83 for 48 h; they were then examined for colony formation (A), sub-G1 (B), and cleaved caspase-3 (C-Caspase 3) (C). Protein levels were quantified with use of ImageJ software. All data represent three independent experiments, mean ± s.d. DMSO was used as control in “0” groups.

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