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Figure 7

From: Vitamin D analogs enhance the anticancer activity of 5-fluorouracil in an in vivomouse colon cancer model

Figure 7

Cell cycle distribution and E-cadherin expression on HT-29 cells. Human colon cancer cells HT-29 were incubated with calcitriol or its analogs alone and combined with 5-FU for 120 h in the case of the cell cycle assay and 48 h for E-cadherin expression analysis. Calcitriol and its analogs were used in concentrations of 100 nM, 5-FU was used at a concentration of 0.1 μg/ml both for cell cycle and E-cadherin expression analysis. * P < 0.05 as compared to control, ** P < 0.05 as compared to 5-FU (Mann–Whitney U test).

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