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Table 1 OGG1 protein expression, 8-OHdG levels and tumor incidence in female ACI rats after different treatments

From: Antioxidant-mediated up-regulation of OGG1 via NRF2 induction is associated with inhibition of oxidative DNA damage in estrogen-induced breast cancer

Group/ treatment n OGG1 protein expression (fold change vs. control) 8-OHdG levels (fold change vs. control) Tumor incidence (%)
Control 10 1.00 1.00 0
E2 11 0.63* 1.79* 82
Tumor 11 0.21* 2.98* -
BHA 17 1.80* 0.89 0
BHA + E2 17 1.50* 1.23# 24#
Vit C 17 1.45* 0.95 0
Vit C + E2 17 1.31* 1.02# 29#
  1. OGG1 protein expression and DNA 8-OHdG levels are presented in mammary tumors and in mammary tissues from control, E2, BHA, BHA + E2, Vit C and Vit C + E2-treated rats after 240 days of treatment. Column one lists different treatments each group of animals received. The number of animals per group (n) is listed in column two. Column three shows OGG1 protein expression as an average of values obtained from at least 5 different animals. Column four shows folds change in DNA 8-OHdG levels compared to age-matched control mammary tissues. The percent tumor incidence in each treatment group after 240 days of treatment is listed in column five. ‘*’ indicates a p value <0.05 compared to age-matched control tissues and ‘#’ indicates p value <0.05 compared to E2-treated group.