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Table 1 Drugs used in this study

From: A new assay for measuring chromosome instability (CIN) and identification of drugs that elevate CIN in cancer cells

Drug Target Concentration/ time treatment Fold increase of HAC loss per cell division
Microtubule-stabilizing drugs
Taxol Beta-tubulin 10 nM-overnight x 47
Ixabepilone Beta-tubulin 100 nM-overnight x 31
Docetaxel Beta-tubulin 10 nM-2 hrs x 10
Peloruside A Beta-tubulin 100 nM-overnight x 32
Microtubule-depolymerizing drugs
Nocodazole Beta-tubulin 1 μM-overnight x 8
Other drugs
SAHA HDAC 5 μM-overnight x 1
VP16 (etoposide) TOP2 8 μM-2hrs x 7
Reversine Aurora B, MPS1 1 μM-3 days x 14
ZM-447439 Aurora B 1 μM-3 days x 29