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Table 5 Survey measures completed by physicians

From: Values and options in cancer care (VOICE): study design and rationale for a patient-centered communication and decision-making intervention for physicians, patients with advanced cancer, and their caregivers

Domain Measures Study entry Post-visit Study conclusion
Demographics Age, race/ethnicity, gender, training background, practice characteristics X   
Communication Skills Skills in discussing prognosis and end-of-life care X   X
Decision Making Skills Comfort with decision making across varying levels of patient involvement X   X
Patient Disease Status Cancer site, progression, treatment planning   X  
Patient Treatment Preferences Physician’s beliefs about patient preferences for experimental treatments, life support, palliative care   X  
Patient Illness Acceptance PEACE   X  
Prognostic Forecasting Physician’s estimate of prognosis, and beliefs about patient’s estimate of prognosis   X  
  1. Note. PEACE, Peace, equanimity, and acceptance in the cancer experience.