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Figure 4

From: Insulin-like growth factor-1 genotypes and haplotypes influence the survival of prostate cancer patients with bone metastasis at initial diagnosis

Figure 4

Cancer-specific survival of patients classified based on haplotype in the LD block 3 in subgroups dichotomized by Gleason score or pretreatment ALP level. Patients with C-T haplotype showed significantly worse survival than those having no C-T haplotype (P = 0.0002) in patients with Gleason score of 9–10 (A), while there was no significant difference (P = 0.365) in patients with Gleason score less than 9 (B). In a subgroup analysis by pretreatment ALP level, patients with C-T haplotype showed significantly shorter survival than those with no C-T haplotype in either subgroup of patients with lower (< 350 IU/L) or higher (≥ 350 IU/L) ALP (P = 0.010 or 0.009, respectively) (C and D).

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