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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate analysis of the association between socio-demographic features and changes over time of anxiety scores in ECC and LACC patients

From: Long-term prospective longitudinal evaluation of emotional distress and quality of life in cervical cancer patients who remained disease-free 2-years from diagnosis

Independent variable ECC LACC
  Association with higher anxiety scores Univariate (p value) Multivariatea(p value) Association with higher anxiety scores Univariate (p value) Multivariate (p value)
≤45 years No difference 0.971 / No difference 0.371 /
>45 years       
Menopausal status       
No Yes (direct) 0.056 0.242 No difference 0.254 /
Yes No      
No No difference 0.701 / No difference 0.820 /
Marital status       
Married No difference 0.105 0.270 No difference 0.300 /
Not married       
Living status       
Alone No difference 0.114 0.733 No 0.023 0.002
Not alone     Yes (direct)   
No No difference 0.332 / No difference 0.215 0.635
Educational level       
Primary school No difference 0.114 0.225 Yes (direct) 0.040 0.773
High/graduation     No   
Employment status       
Employed No difference 0.763 / No difference 0.623 /
  1. a p values calculated by the Between Subject test including in multivariate analysis all variables showing a p value0.20 in univariate analysis (Generalized linear model).