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Table 5 Comparison of Aluminum concentration in central and peripheral regions of the tumors, and normal breast tissue

From: Aluminum concentrations in central and peripheral areas of malignant breast lesions do not differ from those in normal breast tissues

Aluminum concentration per tumor region (mg/kg)
  Central Peripheral Normal  
Mean 1.88 2.10 1.68 p-value*
Standard deviation 3.60 5.67 11.1 0.88
  Cancer regions grouped Normal  
Mean 1.99 1.68 p-value*
Standard deviation 3.46 11.1 0.74
Two-by-two comparisons of the tumor regions Mean difference p-value*  
Central-Peripheral 0.67 0.96  
Central-Normal 0.83 0.97  
Peripheral-Normal 0.67 0.87  
  1. *Paired t-tests were used to evaluate the within-individual variations in Aluminum concentrations. Log-transformed (to base e) data were used (see statistics section) in order to conform to normality.