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Table 2 Correlations between different antigens and clinical data

From: Characterization of colon cancer cells: a functional approach characterizing CD133 as a potential stem cell marker

  CCL CD133 protein CCL CD24 protein CCL CD44 protein CCL CDCP1 protein CXF CDCP1 protein Patient tumour differentiation Patient age  
CCL CD24 gene expression        -0,671 spearman correl. Coefficient
        0,00575 p-value
CCL CDCP1 gene expression       0,722   spearman correl. Coefficient
       0,00707   p-value
CLL CXCR4 gene expression -0,671 -0,615 0,692 -0,622 -0,627    spearman correl. Coefficient
  0,0154 0,0308 0,0113 0,0285 0,0263    p-value
  1. Correlation of protein expression (measured by flow-cytometry), mRNA expression (measured by gene expression profiling) and patient data within the colon carcinoma panel