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Table 1 Patient data and characteristics of the examined colon carcinoma cell lines and xenografts

From: Characterization of colon cancer cells: a functional approach characterizing CD133 as a potential stem cell marker

cell line Patient Data CEA secreting source
   differentiation gender age Dukes Stage [ng/106 cells]  
HTC116 primary poorly male 50 n.k. 1 ATCC
LOVO metastasis well male 56 C 908 ATCC
HT29 primary middle female 44 n.k. yes NCI
SW620 metastasis poorly male 51 C 0,15 NCI
DLD1 primary middle male 50 C 0,5 NCI
HCT15 primary middle male 50 C 5,4 ATCC
SW480 primary middle male 50 B 0,7 NCI
269 L primary poorly male 56 C n.k. Oncotest
94 L primary middle male 70 n.k. n.k. Oncotest
COLO205 metastasis poorly male 70 D 4,1 NCI
HCC2998 primary well n.k. n.k. n.k. n.k. NCI
KM12 primary poorly n.k. n.k. B n.k. NCI
KM20 primary poorly n.k. n.k. D n.k. NCI
LS174T primary middle female 58 B 1994 ATCC
CXF 269 primary poorly male 56 C n.k. Oncotest
CXF 243 primary poorly male 45 n.k. n.k. Oncotest
CXF 280 metastasis poorly female 56 n.k. n.k. Oncotest
CXF 1103 primary poorly male 56 n.k. n.k. Oncotest
  1. n.k. not known