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Figure 8

From: The association of N-palmitoylethanolamine with the FAAH inhibitor URB597 impairs melanoma growth through a supra-additive action

Figure 8

PEA and URB597 impair human melanoma viability. URB597 potentiates the decrease of MZ2-MEL.43 melanoma cell viability produced by PEA. Cells were seeded 5 h before treatment (2000 cells/well in microwells) and incubated with PEA (10 μM) with or without URB597 (10 μM). After 72 h of treatment, cytotoxicity was assessed by a MTT test. Data are expressed as percentage of the vehicle control and are the mean of three experiments performed in triplicate. Significantly different (**P < 0.01) from vehicle incubation. Significantly different (###P < 0.001) from PEA incubation.

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