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Table 3 Comparison of ErbB-2 antibodies capacity to recognize ErbB-2 protein by immunofluorescence in paraffin-embedded tumor sections

From: Clinical relevance of ErbB-2/HER2 nuclear expression in breast cancer

  Source Isotype Clone Terminusa MembErbB-2 NuclErbB-2
ErbB-2 antibodies       
  Santa cruz Biotechnology rabbit polyclonal C-18 carboxy Yes Yes
   mouse monoclonal 9G 6 amino No No
e2-4001 carboxy No No
Phospho ErbB-2 antibodies       
   phosphotyrosine 877 Cell Sinaling rabbit polyclonal   carboxy No No
   phosphotyrosine 1221/1222 Cell Signaling rabbit polyclonal 6B12 carboxy No No
  1. a Localization of the epitope against which each ErbB-2 antibody was raised