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Figure 2

From: The application of methylation specific electrophoresis (MSE) to DNA methylation analysis of the 5' CpG island of mucin in cancer cells

Figure 2

(A) Analysis of the methylation status of A427 (A) and LS174T (L) by MSE and conventional bisulfite-DGGE. (B) Determination of the resolution of MSE detection. A mixture of a high methylation cell line (Panc1) and a low methylation cell line (BxPC3) was analyzed. The number shows the BxPC3 contamination ratio. The upper band (arrow) shows the digitalized emission intensity using Image J. On the graph, the Y-axis shows the intensity of the upper band and the X-axis shows the BxPC3 contamination ratio. Regression equation: Y = 243 . 26X + 187 . 25 ; correlation co-efficient: R2 = 0.993. Data were averaged from 3 separate experiments.

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