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Figure 4

From: Survivin selective inhibitor YM155 induce apoptosis in SK-NEP-1 Wilms tumor cells

Figure 4

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) summary. To investigate possible interactions of differently regulated genes, datasets representing 86 genes with altered expression profile obtained from real-time PCR arrays were imported into the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis Tool and the following data is illustrated: (A) The list of top five networks with their respective scores obtained from IPA . (B) The list of top five molecular and cellular functions with their respective scores obtained from IPA. (C) Toxicology pathway list in IPA analysis. The x-axis represents the top toxicology functions as calculated by IPA based on differentially expressed genes are highlighted and the y-axis represents the ratio of number of genes from the dataset that map to the pathway and the number of all known genes ascribed to the pathway. The yellow line represents the threshold of p value, 0.05 as calculated by Fischer’s test. (D) Most highly rated network in IPA analysis. The network representation of the most highly rated network. The genes that are shaded were determined to be significant from the statistical analysis. A solid line represents a direct interaction between the two gene products and a dotted line means there is an indirect interaction.

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