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Table 5 Numbers of pathways displaying significant tumor-associated dysregulation in RS analysis of the N vs CRC data set and in independent validation data sets I and II

From: Molecular pathways undergoing dramatic transcriptomic changes during tumor development in the human colon

Differential regulation in CRCs N vs CRC V-set I V-set II Overlap‡
     N vs CRC and V-set I N vs CRC and V-set II
No. upregulated pathways 33 107 157 24 (73%) - *1.1x10-16 27 (82%) - *3.3x10-16
No. downregulated pathways 25 73 58 14 (56%) - *4.6x10-10 9 (36%) - *1.1x10-8
  1. No. of pathways found dysregulated by RS with p-values < 0.05.
  2. ‡ No. (%) of pathways dysregulated in N vs. CRC data set that were similarly dysregulated in the indicated V-set.
  3. * p-values computed by Fisher’s exact test.