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Table 1 PLA2R1 gene methylations in different human cell lines

From: Aberrant methylation of the M-type phospholipase A2 receptor gene in leukemic cells

Cell lines classification PLA2R1methylation/%
Jurkat human T cell leukemia 100
U937 human monocytic leukemia 100
Bv173 human B-cell precursor leukemia 100
Raji human B cell leukemia 100
OC1-AML3 human akute myeloid leukemia 90
KG-1A human acute myeloid leukemia 80
K-562 human CML in blast crisis 50
MCF7 human mammary adenocarcinoma 50
A431 human melanoma 48
RPMI-8226 human multiple myeloma 30
  1. The degree of methylation was measured using MS-HRM analysis of bisulfite-modified genomic DNA.