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Table 2 Clinicopathological characteristics of node negative breast cancer patients (fresh frozen tissue) from the Rotterdam cohort (n=286)

From: Expression of aurora kinase A is associated with metastasis-free survival in node-negative breast cancer patients

Characteristics n %
Estrogen receptor   
RNA expression low 78 27.3
RNA expression high 208 72.7
Progesterone receptor   
RNA expression low 158 55.2
RNA expression high 128 44.8
Hormone receptor status1   
RNA expression low   
RNA expression high 76 26.6
  210 73.4
HER2 status   
RNA expression low 236 82.5
RNA expression high 50 17.5
Yes 179 62.6
No 107 37.4
  1. Estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and HER-2 status were derived from the gene array data. Cut-points were 8.2 for the estrogen receptor, 11.2 for HER-2, and 4.5 for the progesterone receptor. Log2 transformed gene array data have been used.
  2. 1The hormone receptor status is positive when either the estrogen or progesterone receptor RNA expression is high.