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Figure 9

From: Overexpression of CD44 accompanies acquired tamoxifen resistance in MCF7 cells and augments their sensitivity to the stromal factors, heregulin and hyaluronan

Figure 9

Overexpression of CD44 in MCF7 cells augments their response to HA . (A) The standard isoform of CD44 was transiently expressed in MCF7 cells and their response to HA subsequently examined using Western blotting and growth and migration assays. (B) HA induced EGFR, erbB2 and ERK1/2 activity to a much greater degree in CD44-expressing MCF7 cells than their non-expressing control counterparts. HA treatment of CD44-expressing MCF7 cells also promoted a small increase in proliferation (C) and a significant enhancement of their migratory capacity (D).

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