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Figure 4

From: Overexpression of CD44 accompanies acquired tamoxifen resistance in MCF7 cells and augments their sensitivity to the stromal factors, heregulin and hyaluronan

Figure 4

Suppression of CD44 does not affect endogenous migration, invasion or growth of TamR cells. Boyden-chamber based migration (A) and invasion (B) assays were used to determine the effects of CD44 suppression on the aggressive characteristics observed in TamR cells. Suppression of CD44 in TamR cells did not significantly alter either their migratory (A) or invasive (B) capacity. The growth of TamR cells after siRNA treatment was determined by MTT assay (C) and by staining for (D), and subsequent quantitation of (E), the proliferation marker, Ki67. Suppression of CD44 expression did not alter the growth characteristics of these cells.

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