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Figure 1

From: Downregulation of Cyclophilin A by siRNA diminishes non-small cell lung cancer cell growth and metastasis via the regulation of matrix metallopeptidase 9

Figure 1

Expression of CypA in six lung cancer cell lines and MRC5 cells. A, CypA mRNA expression in five NSCLC cell lines (95C, A549, H460, H1299, and A2), one SCLC cell line (H446) and MRC5. The 95C, A549, H460, H446, H1299, and A2 cells exhibited 12.02-, 5.19-, 4.62-, 3.40-, 2.28-, and 1.94-fold increases, respectively, in CypA mRNA expression compared to MRC5 cells. The relative mRNA level is presented as 2-ΔCT. All data shown are means ± SEM from three separate experiments. **P<0.01 (compared with MRC5, t-test). B, CypA protein level in 95C, A549, H1299, A2, H446 and MRC5 cell lines were detected by western-blot, GAPDH was used as internal loading controls (upper panel). CypA protein level was also measured by immunofluorescence staining. The fluorescence intensity was quantified by Cellomics ArrayScan HCS Reader using the ArrayScanTM software (lower panel). The CypA protein level normalized to MRC-5. **P<0.01 (compared with MRC5, t-test) C, Proliferation of 95C and A549 cells. OD490 values were determined daily at predetermined time points. The doubling-time of 95C and A549 cells was 24h and 43 h respectively. The data are expressed as the mean ± SEM of triplicate values from three separate experiments. D, Mobility of 95C and A549 cells. The percent distance of wound closure at 24 h following wound generation was calculated from three separate areas and is expressed as the mean±SEM. **P<0.01 (t-test).

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